Mudras/Finger Poses

"I Dream my painting and then paint my Dream" - Van Gogh

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  • 1st Mudra: Exhaling the burdens & blockages....hold the palm side of the middle finger.
    "Smooth seas do not make a skillful sailor" - African Proverb
  • 2nd Mudra: Inhaling Abundance.....hold the back side of middle finger.
    "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Thoreau
  • 3rd Mudra: Calming and Revitalizing...hold the palm side of little & ring fingers.
    "Visualize the thing you want. See it, Feel it, Believe in it, make your mental blueprint and begin." - Robert Collier
  • 4th Mudra: Releasing General Daily Fatigue...hold the back of the thumb, index and middle finger.