Experience Harmony at Your Fingertips!

“Self-Change starts with Self-Study.” – Mary Burmeister

Did you know that we all have the innate power to
help and heal ourselves?

“In the breath all IS”

Quote from Page 6 of “What Mary Says” by Mary Burmeister
Get to “KNOW (Help) MYSELF” by using the following simple steps to
Help Harmonize Mental Stress. Use these methods each time you have mental
stress and see what differences you notice…It’s that simple!


Use these Methods
A simple way to harmonize mental stress is to hold the Thumbs (fig 1), left then right (or vice versa) until
you feel a pulse in each (or hold for 2 minutes if pulse is not detected). To maximize the result, exhale,
drop your shoulders, smile and naturally inhale as you hold each digit. Many people do multiples of 9
exhalations and inhalations, up to 36 times per thumb. You can do this breathing practice with each
finger hold or flow below.

 Hold right upper arm with left hand
and the left thigh with the right hand.
Reverse hands for other side.

 Just quietly hold your thighs left and right,

  Hold centers of right and left
collar bones. Hold for 2-3 mins.

A few years ago I was being interviewed at the American Embassy for my Visa to enter the United
States. There were several interviews and as you passed one you were moved on to the next. It was
quite a stressful time and at one point I became fairly anxious when I was grilled about my relationship
with a person in a photo I had submitted. As I stood at the counter where I was being interviewed, I
grabbed my right thumb and began exhaling. When I reached the 36th breath, the interviewer looked
up, passed the photo back to me and said, Good Luck!
TM, Scottsdale, AZ

It’s that easy to start reducing stress and start healing yourself! Share this information with others who
also want better health for themselves.

JIN – Man of Knowing and Compassion
SHIN – Creator
Art of the Creator through Man of Knowing and Compassion

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