Experience Harmony at Your Fingertips….

“Self-Change starts with Self-Study.” – Mary Burmeister

Did you know that we all have the innate power to
help and heal ourselves?

“Change in Belief affects a corresponding change in the body”.
Quote from Page 24 of “What Mary Says” by Mary Burmeister

Get to “KNOW (Help) MYSELF” by using the following simple practices each day to
help Back projects. Try these exercises every day for at least 7 days and see what
differences you notice…It’s that simple!


Try these Methods

A simple way to harmonize a Back project is to hold the ring and little fingers, left then right (or vice
versa) until you feel a pulse in each (or hold for 2 minutes if pulse is not detected). To maximize the result,
exhale, drop your shoulders, smile and naturally inhale as you hold each digit. Many people do multiples of 9
exhalations and inhalations, up to 36 times. You can do this breathing practice with each finger hold

Left hand on left groin, “Safety” Energy Lock No. 15,
and right hand on right hip, “Safety” Energy Lock No. 2.

Jumper cable (hold) right elbow. Safety Energy
No 19, (between tendons) with the left hand and then left
elbow Safety Energy Lock 19 with the right hand.

 Or hold shoulder, “Safety” Energy Lock No. 11, and
groin, “Safety” Energy Lock No. 15, together:

Left hand on right shoulder, “Safety” Energy Lock No. 11,
and right hand on right groin, “Safety” Energy Lock No. 15.

Right hand on left shoulder, “Safety” Energy Lock No. 11,
and left hand on left groin, “Safety” Energy Lock No. 15.


I was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) in 7th grade and had to wear a back brace for 3 years to help my
spine straighten before I stopped growing. After high school and college I wasn’t as active physically by walking, lifting
and sports activities that at the age of 22 my back went into severe muscle spasms. It took weeks for my back to release
and yes it was very painful! My back did this 2 more times over the next 5 years. I had been looking for ways to help
myself and one was to get regular massages. I loved and enjoyed them so much that I decided to become a CMT
myself. I had been living with back pain most of my life and after a long day of working on others I would come home
almost debilitated with pain. One day my mother handed me a book called “ The Touch of Healing” and said maybe you
should try this. After one of my long days I sat on my couch and started using some of the holds the book recommended
for back pain/issues. I held the SEL 11 and 15 together on my right side and then my left side of my body for a few
minutes each. I got up after 20 minutes to start washing my work linens and realized I had NO back pain! I couldn’t
believe it! (I could now use this method whenever my back would hurt) I had read the book and decided I wanted to
take a class to learn more of this Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure art and guess what, I became a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner
as well, and have lived with no back pain for 14 years now! Getting that book was truly a life changing moment in my
life, I am very grateful for this wonderful art.

Kim S. Roseville, CA

It’s that easy to start reducing stress and start healing yourself! Share this information with others who also
want better health for themselves.

JIN – Man of Knowing and Compassion
SHIN – Creator

Art of the Creator through Man of Knowing and Compassion

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