Big Hug

"In the breath all IS"

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Do you have a relationship with your breath? Developing a knowing or relationship with your breath helps you in all of your activities, even your mundane daily tasks. The better you get to know your breath the lighter you run, the quieter, more confident, more energetic, and clearer of mind you become.

Breath affects many functions, from metabolic processes to our energy level, alertness, and mood. Because we receive approximately 24,000 breaths in a day, even small changes in our respiratory efficiency will have cumulative and far reaching body-mind effects.

The 36 Breaths

  • The simplest and most important SELF-HELP tool we have is our BREATH - The EXHALE and the INHALE. When we exhale consciously and deeply, we release tension and stress. When we inhale naturally, we receive an abundance of life energy. This life energy connects our body, mind, and spirit. A good formula is EXHALE; DROP YOUR SHOULDERS AND SMILE.
  • Simply and consciously exhale while dropping your shoulders as if they are touching your feet. The smile comes naturally as you release and gently welcome the inhalation.
  • Each day use this formula to EXHALE consciously and INHALE naturally, 36 breaths. You can do this all at once or you can do 9 complete exhales and inhales four times per day.

"Every breath, well lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow ecstasy."

- Mary Burmeister